Sunday, June 23, 2013

matryoshka party - jaina's outfit

Well, if the theme of your party is Russian nesting dolls you've gotta come dressed as a little doll, of course. I had a fun time making a little outfit for Jaina to wear. If you didn't catch the first round of pictures from her Matryoshka Party make sure to check them out!

I made her appliqued onesie, her apron, and her babushka. I knew she wouldn't leave that kerchief on for long, so we took as many pictures as we could.

Aren't those little feetsies just dear?

For the kerchief I just measured a bandana (they're 22x22", by the way) and cut a piece of fabric just a little bit bigger. I pressed the edges down about 1/4" all the way around. After that, I just zig-zag stitched around with colorful thread.

 I used this adorable calico from Joann Fabric for both her outfit and her doll.

For the apron, I used her denim skirt as a guide. I just kept cutting a square of pink fabric down until it seemed like the right scale for the skirt. I pressed and hemmed the edges and sewed a cute piece of ric-rac to the bottom.

The waistband was, again, trial and error. I used the waistband of the skirt as a guide and cut a strip of fabric long enough to tie a bow. It was about 3" wide and 43" long. I folded it in half, long ways, with right sides together. Then I sewed along all edges, leaving a gap right in the center a little wider than the lap of the apron. I turned the band right side out, ironed it, then tucked the apron in and sewed the rest of the band closed.

Sorry I don't have any progress pics of all that. I was totally in the zone, and never thought to pick up the camera. Here are some shots of the individual pieces.

Make sure to check out the tutorial for the appliqued onesie.

I also made a pair of bloomers for her to wear to eat cake.

I made the same cake the week before on her actual birthday. This time I used a 30oz. can, and I liked the size a lot better. 

Nothing like eating cake in your bloomers, under the trees, with all of your parents' friends watching. ; ) Now she'll think she gets cake every weekend!

For more photos and a full vendor list click here.

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