Tuesday, June 21, 2016

fiona's boho indian room

Welcome to my favorite room in the house!

Fiona's nursery is basically all of my favorite things in one room. India! Saris! Pillows! Wicker! Elephants! It's all about the textiles in here, and I love how lush it feels. The paint color is peach/salmon/pink - depending on the light - and is inspired by Hawa Mahal or the "Pink Palace" in Jaipur, western India. I visited Jaipur with my dad during my junior year of high school, and it was my favorite place in India.
Take a tour with me!

Jaina helped me color in these elephants before Fiona was born.

And she gladly donated her wooden animals for her baby sister's room.

Crocheted wall hanging and pom-pom garland by me. 
Photograph by my sister, Faith! Gorgeous, no?

Kind of obsessed with my new pom-pom maker.

I could make these things all day. They're a ton of fun. 
Possible future Etsy business. ;)

Fiona's first Christmas gift. Jaina also has a print by this artist.

The good old Rockasan got a new cover.

Both the lamp and the shade were from a local thrift store, though bought at different times. 
I added the pom-pom trim.

The sari over the crib is mine that I wore a few times. 
It's hung on three hanging plant hooks from Lowes. 
I sewed a few ties onto the fabric to secure it to the side of the crib. 
That way she can't pull it all in on herself.

I made the crib skirt from fabric that was on clearance at Joann's for around $2 a yard!

Stuffed elephant from Pier 1. Pillow and matching quilt brought back from India by Mom.

The mobile is from Thailand, brought back by Aunt Grace & Aunt Faith.

The curtains were from Pier 1 a long time ago. 
I've had them in this room since it was the guest room.

Cute little elephant hamper from good old Wehrly's Auction!

The fruit crates were my dad's. 
He used them to keep his records in while he was in college, and so did I. 
The painting is by my sister, Rebekah. 
The clothing pieces were either mine or the girls' from India, China, and Thailand.

I bought this clock at Wehrly's years ago. 
Beka stole it for a while, but I got it back and finally get to enjoy it. 
The Salwar is mine and is what I wore to see the Taj Mahal!

These pictures were taken over two months ago. Little Missy has grown up quite a bit since then!

Headband, bloomers, and stuffed elephant from Aunt Natalie brought back from Russia and Thailand.

"I don't do stuff on my head, Mom. You know this."

I've gotten to spend a looooot of time in this room, and I'm so glad I took the time to make it pretty. Sweety-Peety can't concentrate to eat unless she's in a darkened room, so a couple times a day I get to curl up and spend some quiet time in here.

Because we already had all of the furniture and most of the fabrics and pillows, I hardly bought anything for this room. I think the hamper, changing pad cover, and papasan cushion are about it. Someday we hope to move the girls into a room together, and I hope I can convince them to keep the boho-Indian theme cause it makes me very happy. ;)