Tuesday, August 12, 2014

toddler sponge painting

I must confess that although I love making things, I almost never do craft activities with Jaina. I don't know why, really. I guess the mess turns me off, and the fact that, yeah, I kinda like things done a certain way... maybe... a little bit. Plus crafting is my "me time", and I consider it relaxing. Toddlers and paint brushes - not relaxing.

But today's all-day rain shower was the perfect chance for me to just get over it and make something with my daughter. And it was super fun.

Look at this kid. I told her to say cheese and she made this face. There's no sun, and the flash wasn't on.

We pulled an old tshirt from the donate pile for a smock, and I found some dot-shaped foam stamps I apparently had.

Then I had the brilliant beyond brilliant idea to stick plastic wrap to the table instead of using newspaper which slides around.

We painted a quick trunk with a brush, then I let her use the sponge to make the leaves on the tree.

 Look at those little hands!

She would look intently at the sponge, touch it, then ask for her fingers to be cleaned off. 
Stuff on her hands really bugs her right now. 

 Checking out her work.

Looks like there will be some more painting in our future. What are your favorite kid-friendly craft projects?