Monday, November 4, 2013

halloween '13

We had fun dressing up as a family this year. Here we are as The Flintstones!

I made Fred & Wilma style t-shirts for Zach and me (so Zach wouldn't have to wear a "dress"), and for Jaina I made Pebbles' tank top, bloomers, and bone bow. This DIY Peplum Top tutorial helped inspire the Wilma shirt.

I used thrift store shirts (bought on half off day) and some felt for all of the clothes and styrofoam balls for Wilma's necklace, so I think I paid $8 for all three outfits.

And I was in good company! One of my favorite bloggers, Kenna at Miss Party Mom dressed up as Wilma this year, and so did Kathie Lee!

image via The Today Show

Glad I got it in this year while it was still "on trend", cause next year The Flintstones will be so over. ; )

Also, none of the kids knew who we were. And those who did thought we dressed up as cereal characters. Are The Flintstones not even on TV right now? It's not like it's from my generation, but we watched it all the time. Guess we should stock up on the DVDs, cause that is some quality programming.

Happy Halloween!

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  1. I always thought dressing up as the Flintstones would be so fun! Your costumes rocked.

    And..cereal characters?! hahaha..cracks me up!