Monday, November 11, 2013

dressing them up is half the fun

Jaina-girl and I had a good day today. She was dressed as a little mini-me in her patterned leggings and "infinity scarf" (really mom's winter headband worn around her neck).

Even her shirt was from Hope College (Mama's alma mater - try saying that five times fast). And the moccasins were worn by both Mama and Nana!

Look at that sassy lady!

 Mama decided it was too cold for no jackets.

Pretty sure she knows how cute she is.

Later we made a Diaper Box Apartment. 

She just started to use her imagination and be nurturing, and I love it. She laid her bear, her Lamb Chop, and her rat down to sleep, covered them with "blankets" (tea towels I brought her), said "shhhh", and patted them. 

She's gonna be a good mama some day! sniff, sniff.

She really liked the makeshift dollhouse, so maybe tomorrow we'll actually get out the tape and maybe some wrapping paper to really do it up.

I'll order another 365 of these days, please! Thank you!


  1. The second picture is so sweet of her. I'm looking forward to Ishmael being able to imagine-play like this!

  2. Those moccasins are amazing.

    I forgot what little girl pretending was nice. Jude's pretending consists of his "guys" beating up his trucks. It's loud and frightening.