Wednesday, October 30, 2013

"hopped off the plane at lax with a dream and my cardigan"

We had a crazy awesome time in LA/Pasadena last week surprising my sister for her 25th birthday. We got her sooooo good.

We finally got to see where they live, we had a lot of great food, and we saw as much as we possibly could in the 50ish hours we were there. Here are some of our adventures!

 Um, Hollywood Boulevard is cah-razy. Like straightjacket crazy. I did manage to find one of my faves.

"The Hills"

Pretty Pasadena, where they live.

"Wah-r! Wah-r!"

Parks 'n Rec, anyone?

Posing with a toddler...

Giant Connect Four with Uncle Andrew

Venice Beach!

We had to reenact the serious playgrounders

Wore my Venice Beach shirt at Venice!

 People are allowed to graffiti everything at one section.

Jaina digs it.

Venice skate park

Next time I'll get inside to the Rose Bowl Flea Market. All my favorite bloggers shop there.

 That's the Father of the Bride house! 
(Decorated for Halloween, obviously. Notice the huge creepy cat eyes in the windows.)

Unbrushed hair; that was not a battle I wanted to fight.

This poor baby was dragged across the country and back in two and a half days, and she was a trooper! It was worth it to be with family and to actually get to step outside the LA airport for once. Plus, we got a few more sunny days before heading back east for the long, cold winter.

Miss you, Aunt Beka and Uncle Andrew! See you soon!


  1. enjoyed seeing all these pictures! the one of you and zack in "the hills" is such a great photo! glad you had a great trip and that jaina was a trooper!

    1. thanks! it is very rare for zach and i to get a good picture together. i guess we just needed some california sun.

  2. I'm not gonna lie, the video totally made me tear up, ugh!
    Also, I love your necklace. AND I am totally going to the rose bowl flea market next month for the first time, I can't wait!! Wish you were coming with me.

    1. so jealous! we'll definitely go together next time. maybe next time i'll go by myself. ; ) now THAT would be a fun trip. i seriously don't know how our parents did these 14 hour flights with kiddos. it was not and experience i'm anxious to repeat any time soon. i'm sure jaina's not either.