Wednesday, September 18, 2013

michigan 2013

Tomorrow is one month since my last post. I think I forgot how to blog.

How about some pics from our trip to Michigan? 

 Some of you have seen this already, but it cracks me up every time. 
No one knows how to take a playground seriously like Zach and Jaina.

Jaina fell in love with CuzUncle* Mike. 
These three pics capture so perfectly the struggle of two first-borns 
learning to deal with the presence of another little person.

But they got over it. (Notice Cole's massive work glove. Love it.)

Also, adding hats to pictures is funny.

I laugh every time I see this one.

More park time!

I love that Zach caught her doing this. Jaina points with her whole body.

Oh, Lake Michigan, how I've missed you.

It was great to see family, and great for our family to get away for a while. And thanks to Cousin Cole's (or is that second cousin?) peer pressure, Jaina came home a full-fledged walker!

*A term Zach coined meaning your parent's cousin.

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  1. Great pics...

    Second cousins refers to the children of two first cousins! Good genealogical reference, Zach!