Friday, June 7, 2013

texas and the approximately three pictures i took while there

Last weekend I went on a girls' trip to Dallas. We visited some dear friends, got to stay in their cool house, went shopping, went flea marketing, and stayed up late every night. And I decided to bring an 11-month-old.

It wasn't one of my better decisions, but since she's still nursing it was either stay home or take her along. She did so well, but when you travel with a baby everything is about her. You can't talk to people while you eat, while you're driving around, or while you're walking places. Every bit of your mind space is occupied by naps and mealtimes.

I had intended to do a big Texas Trip Recap complete with full itinerary and lots of pictures, but the whole taking pictures whilst making sure your baby doesn't pass out from heat exhaustion thing didn't quite work out. The few that I did get turned out really cute, though, so enjoy!

 Three out of four flights she fell sound asleep during takeoff. 
And I even managed to have my Kindle within arms reach. Score!

We got a whole row of seats to ourselves. Woohoo!

Always say yes to the pack of peanuts, even if you don't want them. They make the best baby toys.

First Monday Flea Market in Canton, TX. It got HOT. 
Her look says it all.

 Someone learned how to say "dog" on this trip. Though it sounds more like "dah, dah."

Finally fitting into the cute strawberry suit from Miss Kari!

First time going swimming! Just what we needed after a hot day.

Best nachos of my life from Fuzzy's Taco Shop, with a delicious cactus pear margarita on the side!
Thanks, "Uncle Larry", for staying with Jaina that night and the next. I actually remember those meals!

Can't believe this is the ONLY picture I got from our Dallas by Chocolate tour!
I bought these beautiful French macarons from Rush Patisserie. They were pistachio, raspberry, and lavender flavored. I always thought macarons were cookies with cream, but they're actually like little meringues. Very light. Here are the other stops from our tour:

Two Corks and Bottle: a wine bar where he gave us a sort of wine/food pairing 101
CocoAndre Chocolatier: a traditional chocolate shop with lots of cool chocolate molds
Some other place I forget, probably cause it wasn't that great
Dude, Sweet Chocolate: sort of an avant garde chocolate shop. You've gotta check out some of the flavors on their site. Some of them are totally out there, like chocolate with bleu cheese and sea salt. Sounds awful, but it's all so good. I brought home some chocolate fudge with Peruvian coffee which sounds boring, but it's probably the best chocolate of my life. I'm trying to savor it.

Thanks, so much, Larry and Tamaron for hosting us! And thanks, ladies, for putting up with me when I was grumpy about taking care of a baby. I guess I'm still a rookie mom. I definitely learned a lot, and am excited to go back when I don't have a little one in tow!


  1. I feel ya on traveling with a baby. PROPS for doing it without the husband! I agree, snacks in crinkly packages (unopened) are from heaven, and Jaina's "Texas is hot" face cracks me up. Glad you had some fun. :)

  2. haha, Jaina's sweaty hair in that one picture! at least today we get to go out without any kids!! yay :)

  3. Love her little strawberry suit!

    I know that Jaina and Peyton are a few years apart, but do you have any generic "traveling (specifically flying) with children" tips to share?? We are getting ready to take Peyton on her first flight next month and I have no idea what to expect! Haha.