Tuesday, June 4, 2013

cake smash

My baby turned one today! We're having a party for her in a little over a week, but we celebrated today with a little cake.


I used a tin can to make it! I used my own recipe, but the tips from this pin on how to properly line a can (so that you can actually get the cake out) were very helpful.

We sang Happy Birthday,

and showed her how to blow out a candle,

then let her have at it!

That's her holding up one finger when we ask, "How old is Jaina?"

It was yellow cake with cream cheese frosting, and I put her little yogurt snacks on as decoration. I figured they were probably better than other decorations full of dyes. I thought they were cute, and she freaked out when she saw how many of them were in front of her.

That's "Squishy Face"; a game we play that she's doing herself now. So cute!!!

The cake had been in the fridge, so it was solid enough to pick up and even drum on. 
(I love the cross-eyes in the bottom left.)

Aaaand now it's in her lap. The messier, the better! She had some good practice for her party. ; )

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  1. Loooove it--especially the fact that she could pick up the whole cake! haha! Sweet Jaina, I can't believe you're ONE!