Wednesday, May 29, 2013

beginning of yard sale season

I'm a total yard sale rubbernecker. Every time I pass one I end up slowing down to half speed and willing my brain to take in every item in the second and a half it takes me to drive by. Then I have just one more second to decide whether or not to pull over.

Well, last Friday, I finally pulled the trigger, and it totally payed off. Look what I scored for two bucks!

This baby has tons of potential. I might make some shelves like this:

Or use it to display blankets and fabric, either standing open or leaning against a wall like these:

via Pinterest, source unknown

via Pinterest, source unknown

Though, when I took it outside to take pictures 
I realized it might look cute on the front porch with plants on it, like this:

via Lovintage Finds on Etsy

Hey, as long as I'm having as much fun as this lady, I'm set. ; )


  1. Just 2 bucks?! That's such a steal! And so many different & creative ways to put it to use. My fav? The yellow shelf version!

  2. good find!! I hope you blog your TX trip!

  3. Nice find! I haven't hit any yard sales yet this year! We totally need to go soon :)