Tuesday, May 21, 2013

gatsby girls

Well, if it's quiet on the blog front, it's a good bet that it is busy-busy on the actual doing-of-projects front. Now if only I could slow down long enough to take pictures of everything I'm working on.

Meanwhile, my sisters (minus one who's waaaay far away in sunny Pasadena) came over to watch The Great Gatsby with me. I decided we should dress up, and we had some fun with it.

It's hard to express how awful we look in these pictures. We really looked much cooler in real life. I did up Faith's hair in a fabulous head scarf which turned out to be the perfect choice as every other girl wore one in the movie. And my hair was twisted back into a low, wide bun - sort of like this - with a cool black and jeweled headband. Plus, I had the perfect shoes. Again, horrible angle in our photo. We really just need to invest in a full time fashion photographer to follow us around and capture the genius in each outfit the way no husband can (love you, sweetie).
These are no longer available, but they're Jellypop, and I got them from good old DSW. Mine have a gray stripe and black grossgrain ribbons. Don't they kind of look like tap shoes?

Speaking of tap, the music from the movie might have been my favorite part (okay, second favorite. hello, the clothes?), and my feet were tapping all over during this little number.

Thanks, sissies for making it a fun day!


  1. so cute! i love how you gals all dressed up for the movie. the music from the movie was one of my favorite parts as well!

  2. Kellyn and Jude started dancing around the kitchen as soon as I started playing that video! Your pictures aren't as bad as you may think! Anything can look decent with a good filter, right? ;)

    1. ha! i love it. can't wait till jaina starts dancing. you better believe i filtered the heck out of these. we had those awful "nose shadows". you know, when the sun's right overhead?