Friday, May 24, 2013

one hour "one"sie

Jaina's birthday plans are coming along, and I've finished nearly all of the decorations. Her outfit is gonna be super cute and totally on-theme, but I needed a special birthday onesie for her.

I've determined that Target has no birthday onesies. I searched "birthday", "first", even "one" (of course filtering down to baby clothes each time), and came up with nothing. I even scrolled through every onesie and every baby shirt and found nothing. (Well, there was one that said "I Party Naked", but I didn't think that was appropriate).

Kohls had two shirts, and they were cute enough. But shirts just don't work well when you're a crawler. They ride up, and I wasn't gonna have her wear a onesie underneath for an outdoor party in June. Still looking for that one-year-onesie.

Walmart didn't have any; not online anyway. I saw one in the store, but it was ugly. So were Amazon's.

So, if you can't find what you're looking for, obviously you need to make it. And let's not kid ourselves, obviously I was gonna make it the whole time. ; )

It was extremely easy, and I finished it all during an episode of Grey's Anatomy. (Anyone else measure their projects in TV shows? As in, "It took me about three Downton Abbey's." No one?)

If you wanna make a birthday onesie for your little one, here's how you do it. This method also works great for those cute brown football onesies with the felt "stitches". 

So here's what you'll need:

- One plain onesie - NOT a Onesie brand undershirt. They're too thin. Hobby Lobby has great t-shirt weight onesies in a rainbow of colors. (And you know to never walk in there without your 40% off coupon, right?)
- Fusible web interfacing (I used Pellon Wonder Under)
- Felt square (Any craft store should sell them for around a quarter)
- Matching thread
- Needle
- Scissors
- Printer paper
- Iron
- Clean cloth

This project actually begins at the computer. Open up Word, and start looking through your fonts for cute "1"s. Try them in bold, even in italics if that's the look you're after. I knew I wanted a 1 with a serif (that's the bar on the bottom), so I had it narrowed down to just a few. Blow them up huge, print them out, and pick your favorite.

This 1's name was AR JULIAN, and it's in bold

Next, cut a piece of interfacing not much bigger than your 1 will be, and lay the rough side against your felt. Follow the directions that should come with your fusible web interfacing for adhering it with an iron.

After that, you'll need to cut out both the section of felt that now has interfacing attached and your number 1. Lay your 1 BACKWARDS on the interfacing and trace around it. The interfacing still has a paper backing, so it should be easy to write on with just a pencil.

Lay your onesie on the ironing board and flatten it out. Now peel the paper backing off of your cut-out and carefully position it on the onesie. Don't make it too low, babies have high waists. Again, follow your directions for ironing on the interfacing. Mine said to lay a clean, damp cloth over the cut out shape and press the iron down for 12 seconds, then take the cloth away and iron some more. Now, mine didn't completely hold to the edges, but I didn't spend a lot of time with it since I knew I'd be stitching all the way around.

Thread your needle and whip stitch or blanket stitch (if you're fancy) all the way around the number 1.

I realize this step might stretch the "one hour onesie" into an "all evening onesie" if you're not used to sewing, but don't be afraid of it. Remember, it's just an outfit for one day. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Not bad for about $3.25 worth of supplies. Plus, it matches the rest of her outfit (costume) perfectly. Can't wait to show you her whole getup in just three weeks! Here's a sneak preview.

Of course, she decided photo shoots are lame. She'd rather play with the camera,

and the sound machine,

 and the laundry,

and this book.

We've been taking a lot more video than stills lately. A picture just can't quite capture the busy-ness of an almost one year old. Almost one! Wow, can't believe it.


  1. I can't believe she's almost one either! The onesie is adorable!

  2. your craftiness is incredible! also, your girl has mad good taste in leggings.