Wednesday, May 1, 2013

ribbon bunting sneak peek

Here's another little peek at Jaina's birthday preparations. It's still over a month away, but I've been having fun doing the handmade projects for it over the past few weeks. Hopefully that'll keep me sane once the time comes.

Ribbon buntings are totally trending right now. I realize it doesn't look like much against the wall, there, but it's actually over ten feet long at this point.

I've had my vintage ric-rac,

and yarn,

 and ribbon all cut and laid out.

 I'm curious, do any other crafters end up using their ironing boards as desks?
I find it keeps the little one out of everything. That is until she's strong enough to knock
over the board. (Don't worry, I don't leave the actual iron, or scissors, on it during the day.)

 As always, I took the strategically-planned-to-look-as-random-as-possible-approach. ; )

It's been a fun project these past few nights. And the best part: all of the supplies were things I already had around the house. Free party decor, yay!

Ribbon bunting like this is a great way to use up all of the half-spools of ribbon and teeny balls of yarn that just won't be that useful otherwise. I have plenty of it left, so I hope to make a lot more of these.We're gonna make that park pavilion look tassel-tastic!

P.S. For those of you who've followed KDL for a while, you might remember a post I did last December with a lot of these colors and textures. BIG clue to Jaina's party theme. ; ) No link help. See if you can find it!


  1. Super cute. Can't wait to see it all on the big day :)

  2. You're the number 4 listing on a Google search for Ribbon buntings... Woo Hoo!