Friday, April 19, 2013


Someone's turning one year old soon. And while I'm not ready to share all of the party details yet, I couldn't help but share just a peek of the coolest birthday present ever.

Isn't she sweet!?! I got the pattern from Interweave Store.

I love parties, and I haven't been able to throw a real one since our wedding. Zach's not super into it for his birthdays, and you can't really throw a theme party for yourself (especially when your birthday is Christmas Eve.) I'm just realizing how much fun I'll get to have throwing special parties for Jaina and future kiddos. Major mom perk!


  1. YAH! I can't wait to see what you come up with. I've just started plotting Ishmael's first, though I have 6 months to go. :P

    1. I couldn't resist starting super early either. I'm trying to do little projects for it here and there so I can just have fun when the time comes. Ha! We'll see.

    2. That's the best strategy. I'm hoping there will actually be kids to invite too, haha. We don't know a lot of babies.

  2. That doll looks professionally made. Jaina will treasure that forever. :)