Saturday, April 6, 2013

"sun, jaina. jaina, the sun."

I introduced my daughter to the sun yesterday. She was so tiny last summer that we were hardly outside at all. And since the cold has lingered so long (for PA) this year, she is just now learning about the outside world.

Laying out in the sun is way more work with a baby. I actually packed a bag to walk three steps.

I mean, we needed snacks!

And reading materials...

We heard a mocking bird, and I was even able to get it to copy me. It was doing this repeated downward slide chirp, and I got it to switch to sliding up. Then I tried a tritone, but that was too advanced for Mr. Mockingbird, I guess. Jaina didn't get it, but was mesmerized by Mama whistling.

Outside is pretty cool! We'll have to become better friends with it.

Check out my girly's new trick! She does this over and over by herself. It's pretty cute.


  1. Aw, that video is sweet. I'm loving her little sun hat AND I can't believe how big she's getting!!! (I know, I know..I say that every time I see her...)

  2. So glad the weather has been nicer so the babies can be outside!! My little guy was so tiny last spring/summer too. He's been loving spending time outdoors. Now that the grass has greener up, you've inspired me to take a quilt out in the yard and play!!

    1. I'm a new reader visiting from Decor and the Dog! (I forgot to add that little snipet!)