Wednesday, April 17, 2013

the icing on the lamp

Over a year ago I shared one of my most labor-intensive projects. I took one of those cheapy college lamps with the bowl on top and wrap-wrap-wrapped it in jute (or hemp, maybe?) string. You can read about it here.

 Just say no to bowl lamps.

It took forever, and I was really happy with what it did for the body of the lamp. But in the end I was stuck with a lovingly hand-wrapped lamp.... with a yucky plastic bowl on top.

Well, that. has. been. rectified.





I found this beautiful Ikat shade online at Target a while ago. Check out how much it looks like this shade I've been oogling on Etsy for forever. (The Etsy shade is no longer available, but it was by a seller named StudioJOTA. I'm pretty sure it was around $70!)

 Crazy, right?

Before I could order it, the site said it was no longer available online, only in stores. I went to go get it, and it wasn't there. So bummed! I would check the lamp section every time we were in Target, and they only had the tan version. (It was pretty, but not with our tan walls.)

Then, one time I cruised through the rest of the home section, and there it was with some stools and picture frames! Yippee! Now all my hard work on that lamp is worth it. It looks pretty snazzy. Now we just need some equally snazzy artwork for above the TV.

At home, snug in the corner. We need as much light as we can get in this cave of a living room!


  1. Holy tedious! I hemp wrapped a wine bottle once and just about lost it. That lamp is awesome!

  2. yay for target clearance! :)