Wednesday, February 20, 2013

how do i love thee? i baked thee a cake

I did it! I made the Samoa Bundt Cake*! It was Zach's very scrumptious Valentine's Day present.

Those of you who read this post know how much I wanted this cake, but doubted I would get around to actually making it. Well, I said I wanted to make it within a month, and I got it in just under the wire.

As soon as I started I remembered how much I hate baking. It's just so messy, and you end up with, like, 200 dishes and utensils to wash (as opposed to a good stir fry which just takes a knife, a cutting board, a pan, and a spoon). But that means it was made with that much more love, right?!

The last two pictures in the third row show the best kept secret for making caramel. My mom did this when we lived overseas, and it's by far easier than opening up and melting a bajillion tiny caramel candies. You just boil a can of sweetened condensed milk for hours, unopened. And when you open it up you get a caramel surprise! I followed Betsy Life's directions and put mine in the crockpot, filled it up with water, and cooked it on high for seven hours.

I forgot about this step until I was into the recipe, so my loving husband turned off the crockpot at 1:30am for me. ; ) Thankfully it was just for the frosting, so I could get back to it the next morning. Did I mention it took me two days to make this? Just FEEL the love! And the guilt.

Also through this exercise, I found my new favorite snack:

Toasted Coconut. So good. I'm pretty sure I need to have an ice cream sundae party now, just so I can make a ton of this and require everyone to cover their sundaes in flaky toasty goodness. What would happen if I just poured milk on this like cereal? I might try it, it's that good.

So there she blows. Hopefully I can train myself to become a baker, cause this cake kinda blew our minds.

Love you, Sweety!

*Based on the Samoa Girl Scout Cookies. The best ones.


  1. This cake was delicious! So glad I had the honor of eating a piece...or two! Matt and I ate the pieces you sent home with us that same night! haha

    1. Nice. We somehow made it last till last night. Now I'm sad. At least I have some real Samoas to snack on.

  2. I just tagged you in a post--check it out! Can't wait to read your answers..