Wednesday, January 23, 2013

pinspiration - food edition

Here are some recipes I've "pinned" recently.

Just made this last night, and it was marvelous. We actually had dinner at 10pm last night. Zach didn't have to be at work until one in the morning, so I was a sweet wife and waited to have dinner with him. Awww.

Samoa Bundt Cake by Betsy Life
(This lady's the queen of bundts, you've gotta check them out.)

Doesn't this look extreme?! Samoas are my favorite Girl Scout cookie, so this got my attention right away. I'm notorious for promising to bake cakes and never getting around to them, so someone needs to keep me accountable. If I haven't made this within a month, then, then... teach me a lesson and make it for me! ; )


Made this just last week. Sooooo good. A few changes for next time: I'll double the recipe (it only called for two chicken breasts!). I'll change the mayo to Greek yoghurt; much healthier and, I think, tastier. Other than that, very easy yet fancy dinner.

Chickpea, Feta, and Parsley Salad by Simple Provisions

We had this alongside the Artichoke Chicken. Refreshing and fulfilling and the same time. The recipe makes quite a lot, so I made half one night then added quinoa and some edamame to it the next night. That made it a meal all by itself. Here's ours the first night:

I really like that the onions and garlic are sauteed first. I hate enjoying a salad then having onion breath forever afterward. You feel fresh while you're eating then immediately feel like you've gargled pure sweat. (Sorry, gross.) Anyway, the point is, this dish DOESN'T do that. Everything melds.

I've had these pinned forever. This needs to happen once strawberries are in season. The picture is pretty self explanatory. 1. Hollow out a strawberry. 2. Fill said strawberry with cheesecake filling. 3. Roll in graham cracker crumbs. 4. Put them on a pretty dish (with chocolate drizzle garnish, of course), sit down with a stack of magazines, and enjoy the high class life.

I mean, who has time to get a fork, a plate, cut a piece of cheesecake, cut up some strawb - I mean COME ON! I have a life. ; ) But seriously, they'd make a great party food. I will try it! I shall! (Can you tell how not into making desserts I am?)

There's a lot more dinner time inspiration on my "yummers" pinboard. Feel free to click the button on the right to follow me on Pinterest and see what's catching my eye these days.

Do you have any fun new recipes you've tried or are dying to try?

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  1. I just got some really good strawberries at Amelia's this week. Just thought I'd let you know since it sounds like you can hardly wait til strawberry season to make that dessert ;)