Thursday, December 13, 2012

dream tree

I love our Christmas tree. It's a mish-mosh of ornaments from both of our childhoods mixed in with the ornaments we've bought as a couple surrounded by ALL of the pretties I bought while working at a certain global themed retailer, aka "Dock Numero Uno". ;) Each piece tells a story, and even if it doesn't all "go", it's certainly very cheery.

Yes, that's tulle wrapped around lights at the bottom of the tree to give that lovely glow.

Definitely the last time (at least for a while) I can decorate the tree how I want. 
Next year she'll be getting around on her own.

But as much as I love our family tree I would LOVE to style my own tree with purposefully collected ornaments. So here's my first idea for a Christmas tree that is "so me."

Moroccan Christmas

And, no, not the kind from "The Office."

First off, tree skirt. Some fun sari fabric, of course! Or a nice kantha quilt. OR, if money was no object, a layering of kilims! Ooh, how haremy.

For garland I would use strings and strings of those gold coins from belly dancers' outfits. I could even mix silver and gold.

Moroccan tile would be a must. It would be cool to use broken tile pieces and make ornaments out of them. I could also take brass wire and make that classic Moroccan tile shape. You know, this one:

Wall stencil from Royal Design Studios.

I'd add some fun camel ornaments and some mini lanterns then top it all off with a pretty glass star lantern. Now, how about a mood board?

Clockwise from star:
Glass star lantern from Pier 1 Imports. Unfortunately not available anymore, but I have a couple.
Belly dancer chain sold by Time Raveler on Etsy.
Tile - unknown source.
Elephant ornaments from World Market.
Kilim rugs from Mister Pillow and Kilim Warehouse on Etsy.
Mini lanterns and Middle-Eastern-looking-Matryoshkas from Pier 1.
Felt camel ornament from Beady Eyed Fancies on Etsy.

So that's my idea of a Moroccan Christmas tree. Stay tuned for some more "designer" tree ideas.

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