Saturday, December 15, 2012

dream tree #2

~Merry Matryoshkas!~
komarovart via Etsy

I am so loving matryoshka dolls right now. They're just so cute and happy. I found the cutest matryoshka print for my nursing cover, and I get compliments on it all the time.

If I did a matryoshka tree it wouldn't be a Russian themed tree necessarily. It would just have that fun vibe that matryoskas give me with their bright colors and folksiness. I debated between a pink or a white tree on this one. I LOVE pink trees. They can be so happy when done right.

image via Making it Lovely

image via Thompson Family (this girl's house is insane!)

However, I really think a white tree would set off all of the bright colors better.

 So much fun! I would want a fluffier one, though. Image via houzz

Alright, my matryoshka tree would be all about the garland. I'd do a bunch of ribbon in pink, yellow, and green, but also some lace ribbon and some of that Eastern European embroidered ribbon. I'd also use that really fat ric-rac and strings of wooden beads wrapped all over. Ooh, and those pom-pom strings, and maybe even yarn. I mean, let's just take it all the way. I could yarn-bomb the trunk! Ok, this is getting out of hand. (If you don't know what yarn-bombing is, check it out.)

Then, of course some bright wooden matryoshka ornaments and maybe some regular sized dolls just stuck in the tree. Then some of those Russian painted eggs. I'd fill in with a bunch of bright vintage ornaments to get some bling in there.

See, isn't that happy? It would fit so nicely in my girly's room.

Beads from Hemp Beadery via Etsy
Afghan for tree skirt - unless I yarn-bombed the trunk ;) - pattern at Stitch Nation
Vintage ornaments from Cherry Shop and Project Sarafan via Etsy
Pysanka eggs from Ukrainian Easter Eggs via Etsy
Matryoshka ornaments from artmatryoshka and Friends of Socktopus via Etsy

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