Thursday, August 8, 2013

my top baby pinterest projects

Alright, let's round out this baby gear review sesh. Hopefully I can think of some grown-up things to write about soon.

 May 2012, the week before our scheduled c-section at 36 weeks. 
I was only 8 months along! Just imagine if they would've let me go full term.

I was on partial bed rest for over three months before I had Jaina, so I had plenty of time to make things. I was so bored, I was even crocheting things, then taking them apart - just for something to do (cuh-RAZY!). I came across lots of Pinterest projects. Some of them worked, some did not. Here are my top three.

3. This Baby Sling by Our Seven Dwarves was so easy, and takes just an afternoon.

Image and tutorial via Our Seven Dwarves.

I love that we've been able to use our sling at every stage of babyhood. When she was a teeny baby it was perfect for her to lie in sideways. Strangers are a lot less likely to come up and touch a baby who's all nestled in mama's bosom. When she was four or so months old she could sit up like the baby in the above picture. And now I just stick her legs through and let her butt sit in it as if she's riding on my hip.

 Three months ago, running errands.

I love that it folds up and can stay in the diaper bag, so it's always there. It's a lot easier to get around with the sling than a stroller. And if she's about to lose it in the grocery store I can switch her from the cart to my hip without much fuss.

2. I use this "Anywhere Chair" by Made By Marzipan all. the. time.

Image and tutorial via Made By Marzipan.

It's perfect for grandma's house or for restaurants that for SOME REASON don't have high chairs.

I used denim for the inside, and found this cute teal/navy zebra print for the outside. I love that it folds up flat, and, again, I can always have it in the diaper bag. No need to bring a booster seat on short trips.

1. But the BEST thing I made for Jaina was this Hooded Car Blanket by The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking.

I really didn't want to put a blanket or some kind of snuggly completely over her, and blankets kept falling off. This worked so perfectly. It's just a hooded blanket with slits cut in the back. That way you can lay it in your car seat and pull the straps through. Then you just lay your baby in the seat, strap her up, then wrap her up like a burrito. Plus, you can actually kinda swaddle them in there if they're fussy. This stayed in our car seat from October to March - super useful.

This is one I made for someone a few months ago. Do you like my cheesy set-up?
Card table, comfy chair, and TV. Real classy.

Looks like the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could've used a hooded car seat blanekt to wrap up the royal baby. Have you seen how he was strapped in? Yikes. I would've made one for you, Kate! Might I suggest this cute snuggle flannel print from Joann's?

All this talk about babies is making me miss that stage already! Even though she's not walking, this little lady is all toddler. She keeps me busy, and I'm not sure which one of us is the most exhausted and grumpy by the end of the day.

But it is so fun to watch her learn. I can't wait till we can talk to each other!


  1. Seriously..when did she get old enough to play with a kitchen?!

    1. I know, right? She even "stirs" things with the spoon!

  2. When we left the hospital with Ishmael, he was too big for the smallest car seat setting (which we had assumed would fit him), and we had no idea how to adjust it. The nurses aren't allowed to help you with carseats, so I just sat in the back with my hand on Ishmael, totally unstrapped! I was terrified we were going to get pulled over.

    1. Agh! So scary! Can you imagine back in the day when people just held their babies in the car? Crazy.

      Our NICU nurse had us roll up a washcloth and put it between her crotch and buckle. She needed that for a while to keep her snug.