Monday, August 5, 2013

anything that makes nursing easier is a good thing

I've been assembling my Most-Used Baby Items. Breastfeeding needed it's own category.

Most of my memories of this past year revolve around nursing in some way, so these items were crucial. And, apparently, August 1st-7th is World Breastfeeding Week - perfect timing!

1. Of course you must get a Boppy. 8-12 times a day you'll be assuming the same position for roughly half an hour. Invest in a nursing pillow. Your arms and your back will thank you. Have fun with all of the cool covers they have, and get something that will make you smile every time you see it. The Boppy is for you, so who cares if it matches your baby's room.

2. If you're pumping regularly not having a pumping bustier is NOT an option. I thought my month-long horrible back pain was birth related, but as soon as I switched to hands-free pumping it melted away. And it turned a chore into "Mommy's 15 minutes of alone magazine time." Awesome.

3. These are my nursing pad pick. They're nearly the least expensive, and they don't leave weird crinkle marks through your shirt.

4. Yoga pants are more of a post-partum item than a nursing necessity, but they're very important, so here they are. You will wear these every day, especially if you had a c-section. Kohls are my favorite; they don't stretch out at the knees.

5. I switched a hairband back and forth on my wrists to remember which boob started last. It was simple, and it worked for me.

6. I didn't invest in a lot of actual nursing wear, but I might do so next time. This shirt (in black) from Motherhood was great for days when I would need to nurse in public. I felt great in it, and with the two layers it provided so much coverage I almost didn't need a nursing cover. I would recommend this drape neck style nursing top much more than the cross-over. The cross-overs tend to pull awkwardly across your belly which is NOT a look that any postpartum woman is after.

7. The Nursing Mother's Companion was very helpful, and I consulted it many, many times. I really liked that it just got right down to business and didn't spend a lot of time talking about all of the reasons one should breastfeed. I always knew I would, so I just needed a clear, concise manual. This was it. (If you're planning on pumping long term check out their section on pumps first. She reviews nearly every pump available which would be really helpful before making such a big purchase.)

8. Finally, go out right now and buy 10 of these nursing bra tanks. This link is for Motherhood's version, but nearly any department store carries them.

You might notice that I have no recommendations for nursing bras or nursing covers. That's cause I wasn't 100% satisfied with the ones I had. I made my nursing cover from this tutorial by Little Birdie Secrets, and it turned out really cute. But I'm just not sure how I feel about the covers with the neck strap. It just feels like you're wearing a giant bib. Next time I might try to make one of these from Coterie.

I'm still on the look out for a comfortable nursing bra. Maybe they just don't exist. : /

Stay tuned for my favorite baby Pinterest projects! And my rules for postpartum wear were pretty cool too. ; )


  1. i nursed and pumped for 13 months, and this was by far my most comfortable bra: it wasn't ideal under certain types of shirts, but mostly i just didn't care because it was comfortable and kept the girls happy. :-)

    1. Ooh, that does look comfy! Filing that one away.

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  3. YES about no-hands magazine time! (#2) I only pumped for a few weeks, so I didn't end up getting the no-hands thing, but I wished for it almost every time. #5 is so clever, I never thought of that!