Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Just trolling the internet for mind candy.

How cute are these Princess Aprons from Vessel Handmade's Etsy shop?

I never met a vintage cart I didn't like.

via Emily Henderson. Wig form turned lamp.
We saw three of these come up at an auction a couple weeks ago! 
I wanted to get one, but they climbed well over $100 within seconds.

 via Demco
I've loved booktrucks ever since I spent my college years working in the library. 
I feel like they would be very useful around the house and a new way to display books or dvds. 
Plus, as my husband would tell you, you could slap wheels on just about anything and I'd fall in love.
Who knew they were so expensive, though?! $300 is a bit steep for me. It comes in 20 colors, though. 
Lots of punchy ones, too, not just gray and taupe.

Zach scored some great weathered planks for free last weekend, 
so we're gonna tackle our own dining room table soon!
I keep coming back to the Jefferson Loveseat from Thrive Home Furnishings.
I love how comfy our couch is, and of course how red it is, but it is waaaaay too chunky for our little living room. It would be much better in a basement or rec room. This one is just so cool, and would fit the scale of our room a lot better. 

I love this print from Hand & Eye.
Do you get it?

It's "Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard!

And, finally, how cute is this Matryoshka carafe and tumbler
From Fred and Friends, of course. Their stuff is hilarious.


  1. I saw one time when're someone had used an old cart to store all of the kids' games & they kept it in the living room so it was easily accessible. It was also really easy for the kids to clean up because all they had to do was stack them back on the cart! I think it was a vintage laundry cart. It was super cool!

    1. See, if I had a smaller couch then I could fit a sweet toy cart! ; )

  2. I love those little aprons. I can see a bunch of little girls baking cookies together in them. SO cute.