Tuesday, November 6, 2012

oh, hanover

Just had kind of an ordeal trying to vote in good ole' Hanover, PA. After traveling to two different polls, we finally figured out that I was still registered at our old address... under my maiden name! I know I did all of the paperwork to change my registration both after we got married and when we changed our address. Oh well, still got in, and Little Missy was very patient.

Here are some comments she got from the overwhelmingly senior voting constituency in Hanover:

"Oh, he's a sweet little one, isn't he?" (To be fair, the bow was covered up by the car seat strap. However, she was wearing a purple hat, a pink blanket, and playing with a bright purple monkey.)

"In just 21 years you'll be able to do this!" (The 26th amendment was adopted in 1971.)

"I could just take you away and love you. Yes I could!" (Yeah... we're leaving.)

Oh! And I didn't get a sticker! Boo.


  1. When Adam was a baby - in the middle of winter in a brown snowsuit with bears and blue hat, I had a woman remark on how pretty she was - what's her name? With the reply of Adam she tried to argue with me that he had to be a girl because he was so pretty!

    Guess the mom of the baby just doesn't know anything! Hang in there. You have a beautiful daughter, ponytail hidden or not ;-)

  2. aww, people used to do that to Kellyn all the time...with her pink blanket and all. really??