Wednesday, November 28, 2012

gifts for hire

So everyone's been telling me I should start an Etsy shop and sell stuff that I make. I would definitely like to, but it's gonna take a bit of time. First, I have to make enough merchandise to open a shop. Then I have to price out shipping so that I can price items accurately. I also need to do some research to see what other people charge so that I don't under or over-sell things.

Anyway, late last night I had A BRILLIANT IDEA. While I'm waiting to start my online shop I can make things for friends around here! This way I can save up some money to buy supplies for the "real stuff" I'll make to sell on Etsy. So, feel free to browse. My email is at the bottom. Let me know if you'd like me to make you any of these items in time for Christmas.

Fuzzy Cowls $15

Chunky Cabled Cowl $25

Lattice Cowl $15 (It's smaller, but it looks good with a coat on. Might work for a guy. I wouldn't know cause Zach refuses to wear scarves. If it's for a guy you can call it "The Chain Mail Cowl".)

Crazy Scarf $20 (This guy looks insane, but it's really easy. If I make it again I wanna do it in a heavier yarn.)

T-shirt necklaces $10 + shirt cost (You can bring me old shirts you wanna use. That's not weird.)

So that's my Friends & Family 2012 Christmas Shop. Unfortunately, I won't be shipping anything before Christmas, so you'll have to live around here. That's part of my "easing into it" plan. If you would like anything on here you can:
A. Leave a comment, or
B. Facebook message me, or
C. Call me, or
D. Email me at kara(dot)elizabeth24(at)gmail(dot)com*, or
E. All of the above  (Don't you dare.)

Merry Christmas!!!

*Why do people write their emails like that in blogs? Do you get spammed if you put your email address out there? I don't normally do things without knowing why, but I guess I'll go along with it.

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