Friday, July 3, 2015

raspberries, flower crowns, and baby bumps

Today, I am 35 weeks pregnant. The fact that a living, wiggling, pooping, snuggling newborn will be in my arms soon is really sinking in. There is soooooo much left to do to get the house ready for her arrival, but since I'm not allowed to lift anything Jaina and I spend the days HAVING FUN. Which I think is a great use of the time before baby comes.

My grandma brought me the flowers that were in church last week for the anniversary of my grandpa's death two years ago. She was going to be out of town for a few days and brought them for us to enjoy while she was away.

They've been pretty, but reached their peak a few days ago. So during Jaina's nap today I thought I'd try my hand at a flower crown. These are all the rage on Pinterest, and it seemed easy enough. I didn't have any floral wire or tape, so I used regular wire and electrical tape to attach the flowers to a plastic headband.

What a fun project! I want to get a few more plastic headbands to have on hand so I can make crowns for all the Hallead girls whenever we have leftover flowers. Too bad it only lasts a day, though. I guess that's what makes it feel so special. 

 There's the neighbor's stalker cat being a creeper.
Also, the angle of this picture is deceptive. My belly is HUGE.

 This little girl was in RARE FORM today.

She's very into making "funny faces" right now, and was going through her whole repertoire.

It felt like a nice tribute to Pappap, somehow, to use his flowers to MAKE something and to HAVE FUN. He was all about having fun. ;)

The little thicket behind our house is full of raspberries every summer. There were finally a few ready today! 

None of them made it into the house. ;)

Once Daddy came home we had our very own photographer. 

"Baby" made it into a few shots. Can't wait till Jaina learns the art of actually naming her playpals. ;)

Life's about to change a lot, my love! Can't wait to go on this adventure with you.

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