Thursday, September 15, 2011

sometimes it pays to live in an un-cool town

We spent last weekend with my sis and her husby in Chicago. It was glorious. We had awesome food, I wore all kinds of funky outfits, and we got to feel like we lived in the "big city" for a little while. I'm a total city girl, and would be very happy to set up shop in Chicago or Philadelphia or New York or any city where you can walk from one Starbucks to the next. But today I learned something valuable about living way out in the middle of nowhere special.

You may have heard of the Missoni riots at Targets across the country this week; if not, maybe you've at least seen the fun James-Bondy commercial on TV.

After months of rumors and press releases Target presented a line of clothing and fashion home goods in their stores this Tuesday designed by Missoni. Now, this is a big deal - bigger than Vera Wang for Kohls, bigger than Ralph Lauren for Macys. Missoni is a very old Italian family brand. Very high-end, very luxe. ($1490 dress sold at Bergdorf's.) The fact that they would stoop to design "cheap" clothes for the common woman would not have been expected. They're famous for their sweaters and knitwear, always in crazy patterns, usually stripes or zig-zags.

Now, I had planned on camping outside of our NEW Target here in little Hanover, PA, but, alas, I had to work on Tuesday. I didn't sweat it, though, cause I figured no one around here knew Missoni from McQueen and I'd get to Target sometime during the week. I heard later about the near-riots in New York with everything selling out in an hour and Target's website crashing from the high traffic.

So, all of this loooong back story to say... take that you city-slickers! I waltzed right into Target this morning and got me some Missoni shoes!
First of all, the box is sweet. The cute box swung the decision from a shirt to the shoes. 

Cute suede pumps with the Missoni chevron. (Sorry for the blur, you try pointing your camera down at your feet - in heels - without swaying.)

Love the silhouette. The heels have a faint faux bois look to them (that's "fake wood").

There was a t-shirt and a button-up that I was considering, both black and white zig-zag. I decided to go for the shoes, though. I couldn't justify $29.99 for the t-shirt, even though it felt sooooo silky, and the button-up really wasn't the right size, plus, it was polyester. I guess that's how they make it affordable for us in the masses. These shoes will last me quite a while cause I don't wear heals every day, and they're not too trendy. Plus the box was so darn cute! The sides are all zig-zaggy. I was very tempted by the rain boots.
But really, when am I gonna wear rain boots? I also bought a cup!

It's hard to tell, but it's mostly purple. It was the last one, so I didn't feel bad taking just one and messing up someone's set. It drives me crazy when people do that at Pier 1. That last person who wants a set is screwed. All of the melamine dishes were totes adorb, but I was able to enjoy them then walk away. ; )

So, that's my story of how I found something nice about living in a small, boring, uncultured town. Nobody knows how cool the stuff in their stores is, and I get it all to myself. I was able to waltz in two days later and still find shoes in my size (There were actually three pairs in my size. I got to pick the best ones!) If I wanted to, I could buy up the rest and make some dough on Ebay. But I won't. Let's let some other fashion-starved girl in little ole' Hanover, PA find some delight in this piece of fashion history.

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