Friday, February 18, 2011

the house that love built

Today marks the official start to the Hallead Family Home Search. I finally got up the guts to call the realtor (How do you start that conversation? "Hi, I'm Kara. I wanna buy a house..."). She'll get back to us with some links to start out with, and we should be out looking at houses in person soon! I'm super motivated by the prospect of babies, and Zach by the prospect of off-street parking and a dishwasher - he currently has sole ownership of all dish washing duties.

If you're ever looking for a good laugh just look up houses available in 17331 for less than 150grand. Lots of cute ones from the outside, but most of the insides have not been touched since 1972. We've pretty much resigned ourselves to taking down paneling and ripping out mildewy shag carpeting. But we're handy folks, and up for a challenge. The hard thing for me will be keeping myself from being seduced by the gorgeous old farmhouses around here. I would love NOTHING more than to redo an old farmhouse, but you gotsta have the cash for that.

Needless to say, we're so excited to be homeowners. Today's weather was so gorgeous; just makes me wanna be out in my own yard pulling weeds or something. 2011's gonna be the year of the house for us!


~ Listening to Nickel Creek's "Anthony". Wearing skinnies, my navy college sweatshirt, and sporting my first ponytail in over a year! (Come on hair, grow!) Ooh, and I made an Asian Beef Broccoli Salad for dinner tonight. You caught me on a good day. ~

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